car detailing in bakersfield

Auto Detailing in Bakersfield, CA

Hi! Welcome back to Canaan Fair Speedway. Today, we have a guest post for our friends at Bakersfield Car Detail. They provide mobile auto detailing for the residents of Bakersfield, CA. If you’re looking for a professional car detail at an affordable price, then they’re the car detailing service to call! While a simple car wash may do the job, it’s not as thorough as a car detail. With professional car detailing, automobile owners don’t need to worry about damaging their car (especially after leaving our Speedway)!

Typically, car detailing services will clean the cracks and crevices of a car. Additionally, they will remove interior parts (seats) to do a thorough cleaning of the interior. Obviously, there are plenty of benefits to hiring a mobile detail service in Bakersfield, CA

Do you have a dirty car interior? Well, we can change that! Our car detailing services will transform the interior of your vehicle. If you eat, drink, or smoke in your car, then you are leaving behind dirt, grime, and crumbs. With a proper car detail in Bakersfield, these waste particles will be gone. Since we use specialized tools to remove sticky residue, you won’t have to worry about the hard to reach cracks on the interior of the car. In addition to cleaning the interior, we will disinfect the interior surfaces. As the United States fights COVID-19, we commit ourselves to fight on the front line. With our COVID package, we clean air vents too. If you neglect air vents, then you have an additional risk to catch a cold. 

If you’re short on time, then mobile car detailing is the perfect solution for you! Since we come to you, you’ll save time by not travelling to an auto body shop. As professionals, we will complete the entire car detail at the location of your car – work, home, etc. While we work, we provide our customers with an opportunity to continue on their personal work. 

Although they don’t sell cars, their services can help you sell yours! After they detail your car, they’ll boost the value of your used car! Do you know people who enjoy dirty cars? We don’t either. If you’re selling a car, then you could charge $1,000 more for a clean car. 

Throughout this blog post, we hoped to inform you about auto detailing in Bakersfield. Whether you hire an expert car detailer is up to you, but we hope you enjoyed our post!